The ATRUOS Magnetic Towel is patented design for gym members and calisthenics enthusiasts. Thanks to the properties of our product, keep your towel perfectly positioned during all your activities. Avoid dirty floors with our solution!
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what makes ATRUOS towel stand out

Have you ever annoyed yourself with adjusting a towel that fell off a bench or exercise machine 10 times? Have you once again looked for a place to put your towel so that you don’t just put it on the dirty and dusty floor? Want to have your sports towel always at hand?

If you care about the comfort of exercise and you care about convenience, we have something for you! Our patented magnetic sports towel, which has a magnet attached in a cleverly thought-out place, will solve any problem! The magnet is strong enough to hold the entire towel (even if you throw it at a metal part from a distance) and balanced in strength so that you can easily remove it from a holder, railing or other metal object. Numerous trials, tests and dozens of prototypes made our magnetic towel for physical activity surprise even the most demanding gym members and calisthenics enthusiasts.
It doesn’t matter if you exercise in the gym or use the calisthenics square. The magnetic activity towel will help you feel at ease during training in any place.


The composition of the towel is very simple! Thinking about people who value the quality of the product and its features such as: softness, lightness, durability of the material (no threads and pilling during use), we used 100% high-quality polyester for production. The atruos magnetic towel perfectly absorbs water and dries quickly. Even several times faster than a classic cotton towel! Polyester is not a breeding ground for fungi or bacteria, nor is it an attractive food for moths (we don’t like them either). It should be mentioned that our towels are hypoallergenic! Finally, the most important feature! It sticks to any metal element.
Sport gym magnetic towel ATRUOS

About The Features



No more checking if the towel is dry. The polyester dries quickly, even if the room conditions keep the temperature low.


The Atruos towel perfectly absorbs moisture, people who have a problem with excessive sweating will certainly appreciate this advantage.


The magnet placed on top of the towel will allow you to attach the towel to any metal element in the gym or calisthenics room.


It does not cause irritation and is extremely soft to the touch. The high quality of the material makes our towels hypoallergenic.


The towel is incredibly light, although quite large size may give the impression that it is not. We used a more efficient replacement of the ferrite magnet, thanks to which we saved weight while increasing the grip.


Flexible material allows you to reduce the volume of the towel in transport. An interesting feature is the fact that the towel does not crease, so you do not have to worry about ironing.

We ship all over the world

From the very beginning of creating our product, we set ourselves an important goal. We wanted every sports enthusiast to have the opportunity to buy and test our product. No matter how far you live and what brings you to us, the most important thing for us is to help you develop your problem. Our company is located in Poland, and we guarantee that our towels are sewn by experienced people full of passion. We approach each client individually, we make sure that each package always arrives on time!

We even ship to the farthest corners of the world. We stay in touch with you until we are sure that the package has reached you safely!

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Magnetic Towel ATRUOS

19,99 $

ATRUOS quick-drying polyester towel with magnet. Designed for which athletes, gym participants and calisthenic enthusiasts.
Say hello to the stable arrangement of the towel on the exercise accessories! Say goodbye to the dirty gym floors with the innovative โ€˜magnetic zoneโ€™ added to the towel. Now you can hang the towel on any metal surface around the gym!


Color: Black
Size: 50×100 (cm)
Grammage: 380 g/m2
Fabric: Polyester
Weight: 225 grams


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